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OMNILUX MR-16 12V/50W GX-5.3 SP 12° blue

Omnilux MR-16 12V / 50W GX-5,3 SP 12 ° Blå

Art nr:91205756
130 kr

I lager / Leveranstid ca. 4-8 vardagar

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Cool-beam mirrored lamp

  • More light at a same performance by higher coiled filament temperature
  • Longer lifetime by permanent filament renewal (tungsten parts bond to the gaseous halogene parts even before reaching the glass bulb
  • The temperature circulation has the effect that the tungsten parts precipitate again on the filament
  • Constant light during lifetime, as no bulb blackening occurs
  • Comfortable and fresh light
  • Dimmable (blackening of the glass bulb in case of dimmed operation is eliminated by a short operating time at full voltage)
  • Different illumination angles for different application areas
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimmable
  • Hot restrike

Operating voltage:
12 V
Nominal wattage:
50 W
Lamp type:
Halogen lamp; clear lamp; low voltage lamp; sealed beam lamp; halogen bulb; Cool Beam lamp
Lamp specification:
Hot restrike
Beam angle:
Color of light:
Lead time:
0 s
MR-16; Reflector; Bi pin
Operating temperature max.:
40° C
Operating temperature min.:
20° C
Burning position:
S180 (universal)
Lamp life:
2000 h
Dimensions (LxD):
81x51 mm
40 g
Legal specifications
Special product:
Not designed for household room illumination
Intended use:
Show effect lighting