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DiMavery Referenser/bilder mässor

DiMavery - Allt inom instrument!

Bilder från Musikmässan Fankfurt 2014 - DiMaverys monter


Bilder från Musikmässan Stockholm:

Bilder från 2013 årsmässa, se Klicka här >>> / Bilder från 2012 årsmässa, se Klicka här >>>

Några av alla världens band som använder DiMavery:

Better than the original?

“Stahlzeit“ (steel time) – probably the most perfect cover band, which is fully concentrating on Rammstein. The five musicians with their singer and founder Heli Reißenweber are from Kulmbach, Germany. It is their goal to pay homage to their beloved heroes, Rammstein.

Success proves them right. Stahlzeit fans are also supporters of the original, so they know what they are talking about and can draw comparisons. And wherever Stahlzeit performs, the fans are enthusiastic about the songs and the show. This powerful and ambitious light and fire show, which once again is based on Rammstein, is something the fans love them for. Heli Reißenweber not surprisingly remarks: “We are always trying to copy Rammstein as true to the original as possible”

Meanwhile, the band tours from the East See to the alps and fills concert halls throughout Germany. Members: Heli Reißenweber, Roland Hagen (guitar and vocals), Matthias „Matze“ Sitzmann (guitar and vocals), Thilo Weber (keys), Thomas Buchberger Voigt (drums) and Samir Elflein (bass).

Visit Stahlzeit on their web page for more information... www.stahlzeit.com

Örny Luksch

Örny Luksch was born in Austria, in the city of Wien to be more precise. Aged ten, he got his first drum sticks and since then, has never put them aside again. Örny is real thoroughbred musician, whose passion has led him into many different bands. Best known among them are surely Red Baron and Relax. Especially his time with Relax can be declared a resounding success – they remained in the German charts for years.

But Örny is more than a very skilled drummer. He is also a successful songwriter and has written songs for Mandy Winter, Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Gum Productions, the popular TV series Hurra Deutschland or Kohl and the Gang.

Today, Örny is involved in various projects. He often performs with his band just4Friends and revives a particular spirit: funk, soul and rhythm & blues from the 60s to the 80s, which were influenced by black musicians.

Visit Örny Luksch on his web page and get more information...www.ernstluksch.de

Number Nine

Number Nine is one of the most famous cover bands in Germany. For more than 20 years, they represent fun, entertainment and real good music from excellent professionals. The band is known for its spectacular stage performance of always implying an extensive light concept.

For a group that has been playing music for more than two decades, it is not unusual to have some changes in members. Now, the members are: Brady Swenson (vocals), Frank Stimfig (bass), Sebastian Ostrowski (guitar), Jochen Schild (vocals, keyboards), Peter Hahner (keyboards) and Claus Mehling (drums).

Besides playing together the musicians have always acquired their own experiences on different fields. Some of them have played their part in famous musical productions, teach at university or work in the team of Hollywood music producer Hans Zimmer.

Visit Number Nine on their web page and get more information...www.number-nine.de

Mark Essien

Mark Essien was born in Ghana and really deserves to be named a multi-talented musician. He plays drums, pan pipes, guitar, keyboard and is also a much sought-after singer. His true love however, is playing percussion – he dominates all imaginable techniques.

This is surely the reason why, since 1988, he has been a member of Herbert Grönemeyer's band. He has supported the most successful German artist on numerous live tours and studio productions. And since 2008, he has also been responsible for the perfect live rhythm of Howard Carpendale, a German Schlager legend. With Carpendale, just like with Grönemeyer, he has been on stages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If Mark is not playing with the two German giants, he concentrates on his many private band projects and organizes workshops – among others, also in his home country, Ghana.

Visit Mark Essien on his web page and get more information...www.markessien.net


Null-dB (zero dB) is an upcoming band which settles somewhere in the middle between rock and nu metal. With their style they are on the right track. In 2008, they were awarded the German Rock and Pop Prize (category: Best Hard 'n' Heavy Band) and in 2010, they appeared at the well-known Taubertal-Festival in Rothenburg, Germany.

Band members are Frank Kühnlein (Lead Vocals - Guitars), Michael Matveev (Guitars – Vocals), Matthias Hottinger (Bass – Vocals) and Fabian Angermüller (Drums – Percussion). First musical steps were taken in 2002. Back in those days they called themselves “Bulletproofed”, played at school parties and at youth centers an sang in English. After a while they decided to change. First their name and then the language. No more English, but German lyrics. German lyrics accompanied by intelligent, proud guitar riffs have turned into the band's unmistakable trade mark. Far from the brave new world topics null-dB especially works with the dark side of every human, once straight and pitiless, then again with a spike of irony.

There are many so-called newcomer groups and unfortunately, they often never reach the charts. Our four musicians have already come really close to the final step. Dimavery will continue to support them, because we know about their potential.

Visit null-dB on their web page and get more information...http://null-db.de/


Bonfire is a German hard-rock band which was founded as early as in 1972 (under the name Cacumen). The band bears the name Bonfire since 1986. International breakthrough was achieved only one year later, in 1987. The album Fireworks was released – it reached gold status. Bonfire is famous for both, energy-filled rock songs and emotional ballads. Many of the latter have become hits and can be found on some of the popular Kuschelrock CDs (romantic rock compilations).

After some internal difficulties, shake-ups and a temporary breakup, Bonfires today consists of Claus Lessmann (vocals, guitar), Hans Ziller (guitar), Chris „Yps“ Limburg (guitar), Uwe Köhler (bass) and Dominik Hülshorst (drums).

Their recently released album immediately made it to the charts. It will be presented to the fans on this year's live world tour. Considering the crisis of hard rock in the last ten or fifteen years, the band's constant success is even more impressive.

Visit Bonfire on their web page and get more information...http://bonfire.de

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